Spring Grove Indiana


The community of Spring Grove was founded in the 1800’s by a prominent Quaker named Isaac Evans.  Mr. Evans owned all of the property from Sim Hodgin Parkway to what is presently Sylvan Nook Drive, still our north-south boundary.  He built a linseed oil mill near the Whitewater River and Sim Hodgin Parkway for his principal business.  He constructed his home on Quaker Hill Drive in 1855.  That is now the Quaker Hill Conference Center – which we have access to use as our town hall.  We have a Town Board, a Board of Zoning Appeals, a Planning Commission, a Clerk, a Building Inspector and Legal Counsel.


 We are now surrounded by the City of Richmond, which many years ago annexed the area north of us all the way past the I-70 interchange.   We are a small town surrounded by a much larger town.  We have residential areas, a nursing home, a greenhouse, several medical & dental offices and other low traffic professional businesses.  Our zoning is tight, not allowing fast food establishments and high traffic commercial businesses within our area.  We feel we have the nicest corridor entering the City of Richmond proper.  A map of our boundaries is included and a few photos.  Welcome to Spring Grove, Indiana!


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